Run Your Own Newsfeed

Replace your newsletter with a fully integrated newsfeed that personalizes for each contact. Enjoy a leaner and more data-driven approach to engaging your contacts.

Import Your Contacts

Unlike social media where your audience is rented, our newsfeed allows you to upload your own contacts and reach them directly via email and SMS.

Personalize The Experience

Our newsfeed automatically tailors content, eliminating the need to serve your contacts the same content as unknown website visitors.

Show public posts to new website visitors and urge them to subscribe to the feed.

Show private posts and gather more data on your automatically identified contacts.

Activate our Welcome Flow

Trigger a series of automated posts that are sent to a contact after they’ve signed up (or been imported).

Enjoy Super Easy Publishing

We made it easy to share new updates and authentic posts.


Create a post

Publish to the feed from your browser or use the Knips mobile app.


Select Receivers

Choose to notify all or limit the notifications to a group of people sharing the same tag.



Your post is simultaneously published on your website while notifying the contacts you targeted via email or SMS.

Add as many team members as you want to capture the story from multiple perspectives.

Customize The Feed to Your Brand

Add your logo, colors, style and fonts to make the feed fully aligned with your brand.


More Than a Newsfeed

Knips is an all-in-one solution to engage contacts.