How it works

Replace your newsletter with your own newsfeed, so you can engage more and learn faster.

Step 1
Customize your newsfeed

Color it with your brand, embed it to your website and assign publishing rights to democratize content production.

And image illustration creating and customizing a feed.

Step 2
Import your contacts

Import your existing contacts from a list, or sync them and their customer data via our integrations.

An image illustration integrations integrating with Knips.

Step 3
Create and publish posts

Use our mobile or desktop app to create posts on the run or from your desk.

An image illustrating a post in a feed.

Seamless end-user experience for your contacts

  1. You publish a post
  2. Contacts receive SMS or e-mail
  3. Views post

“Knips” and learn

Image saying: 3 posts per visit.

Our powerful customer data platform makes it easy to gain unique understanding of your contacts as you keep posting to the feed. Level up your engagement with insights that previously required trained personell and expensive software.

On average, a contact will scroll through 3 posts every time they visit your feed.

Image saying: 3 posts per visit.