How Gjelsten Bolig Uses Knips to Nurture and Engage Property Leads


Sara Ø. Gundhus
Sales and Customer Relations Manager
Gjelsten Bolig, overseeing Profier and Neptune, stands as a beacon in the Norwegian real estate landscape, emphasizing high-quality property development and the creation of vibrant communities.
New build real estate
Oslo, Norway
1994 (Profier), 2007 (Neptune)
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Gjelsten Bolig recognized the essential need for consistent updates to their customers. The traditional newsletter approach felt cumbersome, often requiring the aggregation of multiple messages to justify the effort of creating a newsletter. This method was not only time-consuming but also lacked the immediacy and personal touch that modern customers crave.
Gjelsten Bolig adopted Knips, finding it to be a highly effective communication tool for both existing customers and potential leads. With Knips, they could instantly share updates, ensuring that customers felt a closer connection to the developer. This tool allowed them to maintain a "top of mind" presence, especially crucial given the longer decision-making process of new build property buyers.
Enhanced customer engagement with real-time updates.
Strengthened relationships with potential buyers, many of whom had been following updates for an extended period before making a purchase.
Reduced reliance on costly digital advertising by effectively utilizing their existing database of interested parties.
Positive feedback from customers appreciating the consistent and timely communication.

Gjelsten Bolig’s story with Knips

Gjelsten Bolig is a pillar in the Norwegian real estate sector. With esteemed subsidiaries like Profier and Neptune, Gjelsten Bolig’s portfolio is large and impressive. Their projects are not just about bricks and mortar; they’re about creating communities, emphasizing thoughtful architecture, long-lasting quality solutions and sustainability.

However, even with such a robust portfolio and clear vision, communication with their vast customer base posed a challenge. Traditional newsletters, while informative, lacked the immediacy and personal touch that Gjelsten Bolig wanted to convey. They needed a tool that could provide real-time updates, ensuring that every potential buyer and existing customer felt a direct connection to their projects.

When the Knips team approached them a little over a year ago, it was an instant match. The alignment in vision was immediate. Gjelsten Bolig found in Knips not just a communication tool, but a partner that understood the intricacies of the real estate market. The fact that Knips’ CEO and Co-Founder Lilja had faced similar challenges in her previous roles added a layer of trust and understanding to the partnership.

With Knips, Gjelsten Bolig found the freedom to communicate more spontaneously. No longer did they have to wait to aggregate multiple updates; they could now “knips” any message they felt was relevant, ensuring their audience always felt in the loop. This approach was particularly beneficial for potential buyers in the new build market, who often take longer to make purchasing decisions. By being “top of mind” and providing consistent updates, Gjelsten Bolig noticed a trend: many of their buyers had been following their updates for a significant period before making a purchase. Thus providing the enjoyment in experiencing the value creation from the tool first hand.

The collaboration with Knips has been transformative. Gjelsten Bolig appreciates the proactive approach of the Knips team, their willingness to innovate, and the shared commitment to enhancing customer experience. In their journey with Knips, Gjelsten Bolig has not only streamlined their communication but also strengthened the bond with their audience, making every lead and customer feel valued and informed. All while loving the work themselves!