How Barlindhaug Eiendom Uses Knips To Deepen Lead Engagement and Insight


Ann Margareth Walaker Hutchinson
Sales and Marketing Manager
Barlindhaug Eiendom, a leading property developer in Norway, has been crafting quality housing and commercial spaces since 1993, emphasizing community, trust, and sustainability.
New build real estate
Tromsø, Norway
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Barlindhaug Eiendom, with its expansive portfolio of projects, often grappled with the challenge of effectively communicating with potential clients. While their brokers were instrumental in relaying information, there was a growing need for a more direct and streamlined approach. The company wanted to ensure that every lead was promptly attended to and had access to the necessary details to make informed decisions about their property investments.
Adopting Knips, Barlindhaug Eiendom found a platform that simplified lead management. With features like SMS alerts, comprehensive statistics, automations, and easy publishing on the run or from the office, they could engage potential clients effectively, ensuring they felt taken care of and updated.
Streamlined lead management and communication.
Enhanced engagement leading to better client relationships.
Increased client satisfaction due to timely and relevant updates.
More sales, especially with repeated sales to previous interested leads.

Barlindhaug’s story with Knips

Barlindhaug Eiendom, with its rich history and commitment to quality, is at the forefront of housing development in Norway. Their projects, ranging from housing complexes to commercial spaces, reflect their dedication to community-building and environmental consciousness. However, as their operations expanded, they felt the need for a more efficient communication tool.

Discovering Knips was a turning point. The platform’s features resonated with Barlindhaug Eiendom’s needs, allowing them to communicate directly and effectively with potential clients. With Knips, they could send out timely updates, gauge client interest, and ensure that every lead received the necessary information. The results were evident. Clients felt more engaged, conversion rates from lead to buyer increased and the Barlindhaug Eiendom team felt more in control of their communication strategy and data.

For Barlindhaug Eiendom, Knips wasn’t just another tool; it was a solution that transformed their client engagement approach, aligning perfectly with their values of trust, quality, and community-building. Ann Margareth’s experience with Knips has been so positive that she recommends the tool to her partners, looking forward to its continued evolution and the introduction of new features that further enhance their client engagement.