How Bakke uses Knips to engage leads across projects


Trine Gaarder Stenberg
Marketing Manager Housing Projects
Bakke is one of Norway's leading housing developers, emphasizing quality, well-being, and ethical production.
New build real estate
Skøyen, Oslo NORWAY
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Before Knips, Bakkegruppen struggled with time-consuming communication methods. Sending newsletters to leads was slow and tedious, and they lacked tools to gauge their interest, especially across multiple housing projects.
Bakkegruppen quickly adopted Knips for its simplicity. With Knips, they could easily send updates on-the-go and better understand lead interests, thanks to its user-friendly design and insightful features.
More frequent communication with potential clients.
Clients being well-acquainted with the project by the time they attended viewings.
With the Fredheimkvartalet project in Ås, Bakkegruppen used Knips for 18 months pre-launch. By sales time, buyers were connected and ready to buy.

Bakke’s Story with Knips

Founded in 2002, Bakke has always been about more than just building homes. With a team of over 100 and an annual turnover of 1.5 billion kroner, they prioritize life quality, comfort, and safety in every neighborhood they develop. Their unwavering commitment to ethical production and quality has solidified their reputation as a trusted housing developer in Norway.

Their operations span from the small-house division in Aurskog, focusing on specialized element production, to Bakke Apartments in Skøyen, Oslo, catering to a diverse housing segments. With ambitious plans to construct over 8,000 homes in the next 10 to 15 years, and having already built more than 2,000, mainly in Romerike, Bakke is set on growth, especially in high-demand areas.

As one of the pioneering customers of Knips, Bakke recognized the platform’s potential early on. The traditional ways of communicating, like newsletters, were no longer cutting it. Knips offered a refreshing change. It allowed Bakke to send out timely updates, even on-the-go, and provided tools to measure lead interest levels effectively. This ensured that communications were tailored, and potential clients always received relevant information.

Trine shares: “Knips has become a valuable and efficient tool for us at Bakke. Our marketing, sales, and customer departments all utilize Knips daily. It simplifies our communication with leads and customers, maintaining engagement throughout the customer journey. With Knips, we have a clear overview of our leads. Our sales department particularly values the feature that gauges the ‘temperature’ of leads. In Bakke, ‘to knipse’ has become a well-known verb.”